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Web Services

The adoption of automation technologies has changed the face of software testing industry in India and around the world, the transformation from manual testing to Web Services Automation is catching like a wildfire as evident in the recent events happening in the software industry. It is a need of an hour to adopt the changing side in the industry and become competitive.

Keeping in mind of the changing scenario in the industry, key2javaselenium institute offers the very best Web services automation training in Bangalore. Our trainers had worked a plenty of working experience in the industry and have faced real-time challenges and we strive to provide same exposure during our Web services classes. We’ve designed our syllabus in such a way that every student will learn from a very basic to advanced stages in the Web Services automation technology.

Apart from the theoretical training, we provide practical training with a real-time exposure by our panel of expert trainers. Module based assignments are conducted to ensure uniform understanding among the learning people. Certifications are awarded to each student upon the completion of the course and Students are encouraged to discuss and clear all doubt in every class. We are currently operating in two learning centres viz. Marathahalli, and Ram Murthy Nagar in Bangalore, India.

Best Java Selenium Training in Bangalore, India

Introduction to APIs

  • What are Web Services
  • Soap vs Rest API
  • CRUD Operations – GET POST, PUT & Delete
  • Authentication
  • Real Examples of API

Configuring Automation Project

    • Configuring Maven Project for automation suite
    • Downloading pre-requisites to start automation

Working with GET / POST / PATCH / PUT / DELETE Request

Java automation Tests

      • GET requests
      • Parameters and Authorization
      • Handle Get Request
      • Json path Calculation
      • Calculating complex paths
      • Extracting actual results from api’s
      • Transferring api response to other api
      • Installing and Configuring API server
      • Automating the Post Request as a string body
      • Requests by POST object
      • Example with PUT API
      • Patch request for updating
      • Delete requests

Developing Objects for complex POST requests

  • Generating complex objects for POST requests
  • POST requests with arrays
  • Calculate response time of API

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